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ATARI Pong® Table is inspired by the classic Atari game. There are no screens or digital software; the game is recreated with motors, rails, pulleys, and magnets.

Five motors drive the mechanism combining logic to simulate the 2D physics of the original game. The ball and the paddles are all controlled by magnets underneath. 

With the ATARI Pong® Table you will experience the reincarnation of the ATARI Pong game on a whole new dimension. 

Technical Details

The power supply is a standard 110-220v, with a universal power connector. The cord comes out of one of the legs of the table, on the inside.
Spill-proof and sealed; if someone spills something over your table - rest assured - all the critical electrical components will stay dry.
Play Pong® against AI or against a friend. Looking for a challenge? Choose from 3 speed modes: Easy, Normal, Expert 
The volume controls two independent channels: music and sound effects.
The table operates using trolleys and magnets, both of which help to move paddles and the "ball" around the playfield.
The table can "play itself" using the built-in demo mode.

Stylish Nostalgia

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Pong Table Inquiry Form

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