The Atari Pong® Coffee Table Plus Ottoman: The Full Gameplay Set

USD: $3499

Reintroducing the original Pong® arcade game. The "classic" style embodies the original logo color scheme of your favorite game from the 70s. 


The ATARI Pong® Coffee Table is a multi-functional centerpiece that contains the retro game you love with today's modern touches of a Bluetooth speaker, 6 USB charging ports, a clock display, and the use of LED lights.

Table Dimensions:

  • Width: 71cm / 28in

  • Length: 121cm / 47.6in

  • Height: 49cm / 19.2in


Included in the Box:

  • Comes with the Classic Atari Pong Coffee Table

  • Comes with 2 Plush Atari Pong Ottomans

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