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Brief History

The Atari Pong® Table started as a hobby, but eventually, it brought together a multidisciplinary group of passionate people.

The Atari Pong® Table started as a hobby carried out by two guys that had no previous knowledge of electronics or mechanics. Eventually, the team grew into a multidisciplinary group of passionate people working together for a common cause.

What started as a tribute to the iconic game of the generation X, soon became so much more; minimalist and elegant the ATARI Pong Coffee Table is an amalgamation of modern and retro.

After a period of trial and error we've built the first prototype. We shared it online, and the results surpassed our wildest dreams. We realized then that the ATARI Pong Table must be realized. This is when we set off to obtain the official license from ATARI.

Then came the Kickstarter campaign, and with the new round of funding we've assembled the dream team to take the ATARI Pong Table to the final stage.

This project is the first of many; we have other ideas of great products that will combine art, entertainment, and technology.


We are highly committed to deliver the ATARI Pong Coffee Table as a high quality product, as we have put our hearts and souls into this project.

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